Importance of Colorado Water

Did you know that while over 85% of Colorado’s population resides on the plains East of the mountains (i.e., the “east slope”), up to 85% of precipitation falls on the “west slope” of the Continental Divide? So, because natural constraints bind Colorado’s water supplies, the Front Range communities must be strategic in the way we use our water resources. The Colorado Water Plan, completed in 2015, charts how to level the gap between the water supply and demand in our state.

The Pinery Water and Wastewater District is well prepared to supply water to our customers far into the future and it is important that we use water efficiently. This strategy ensures this precious resource can meet multiple beneficial uses within our state.

District Water Efficiency Plan

In 2018 the Pinery Water and Wastewater District updated the Water Efficiency Plan, pursuant to State Statute. (This document is updated every 7 years) The District’s Water Efficiency Plan is designed to promote the efficient consumption of all water usage by residents and other users in the District to use our water resources and insure an adequate water supply into the future.   Learn more from our resources and information…

District Water Efficiency Task Force

The Water Efficiency Task Force (TF) is made up of interested individuals that are customers in the Pinery Water District. It is an ad hoc committee of volunteers that engages with the Board of Directors and the Staff of the District. The Task Force is currently engaged in helping staff with a Drought Response Plan and providing input for a District Water Resources Master Plan.  Learn more from our resources and information…