Eye On Water

Pinery Water is excited to offer BEACON’s EyeOnWater metering technology at no additional cost to our customers. This will make it simple to track your home’s water use in real-time as you will be able to review your daily, even hourly, water consumption by logging in on the website or using the EyeOnWater mobile app.

Over this next year, our field technicians will be switching out the current radio read endpoint (transmitter) on your water meter to the cellular Beacon EyeOnWater endpoint (transmitter). Your water meter will remain intact. The process to convert all meters in the District is expected to take the entire year to complete.

EyeOnWater App

Information about your water usage is at your fingertips. The EyeOnWater app allows you to track monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly water usage. Knowing when your home is using the most water can help you find ways to conserve. The app also allows you to set custom leak alerts to help you avoid costly water waste. You can access the app on computers and mobile devices. For instructions, please visit https://eyeonwater.com/signup.

**Make sure to put eight zeros in front of your account number when you are registering.**

Monitoring Use: While this technology frequently communicates water usage information to the District for billing purposes, Pinery Water will not be actively monitoring your home’s water usage. We will continue to review account information as part of our standard billing procedures and would only contact you if your usage indicated there may be a significant leak.

Beacon Eye On Water Door Hanger - Pinery Water Technology

How To Know Your Technology Is Ready

Once the EyeOnWater technology has been installed, a door hanger (shown right) will be left on your door letting you know how to register to use the EyeOnWater technology.

You can also look at your Pinery Water monthly Statement to see if you have the technology. If you look in the upper left hand corner it will say “Your new technology is waiting!” (shown below).