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*2023 Watering Schedule*

Please click here to see our 2023 watering schedule.



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New Technology Is Here!

What if…

… your phone alerted you to possible leaks?

… you could monitor sprinkler usage on a daily basis?

… water bills weren’t surprising?

Welcome to EyeOnWater®!

Pinery Water is excited to announce BEACON’s EyeOnWater® metering technology is now installed on your water meter. Information about your water usage is at your fingertips: the EyeOnWater® app allows you to track monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly water usage. Knowing when your home is using the most water can help you find ways to conserve. The app also allows you to set custom leak alerts to help you avoid costly water waste. You can access your account on both computers and mobile devices.

Sign up today!

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Example: 000000001234


Questions? Call (303) 841-2797 to speak with one of our staff or visit for more information about the program.


 This year we have finished upgrading all of our customers’ meters to the latest technology. This technology allows our staff to quickly pull in the reads cellularly on the first day of the month to bill out the usage for that month and to see customers usage as well to help with any questions they may have. Since this technology is used with cellular networks, it must have unobstructed access to the cellular network, meaning nothing can cover the meter pit/lid.

The water meter for your home is located in a meter pit near the property line. The water meter pit is a cylindrical vault buried in the ground with a cover and a lid that houses the water meter. The meter lid is approximately one foot in diameter and indicates “Water” on the cover. Our staff need to have ready access to the meter cover and the water meter inside in the event that they need to do maintenance on the equipment inside the meter pit or if the water to the property needs to be shut off. No sod, landscaping material, concrete, or asphalt is allowed to cover the meter lid. We also request that no shrubbery, rock gardens or trees be planted within 10 feet of the meter so that our staff can easily access the water meter and so the staff will not have to disturb the landscaping if they need to get to the meter pit. If you have existing shrubs or trees near the meter pit, consider relocating them before they mature. The District is not responsible for replacing them in the event we need to access our meter pit. The District maintains the waterline from the street to the meter pit, while the homeowner is responsible for the service line from the meter pit to the house.

An example of a meter pit that is not well-maintained Photo courtesy of Pinery Water Staff. 

An example of a well-maintained meter pit. Photo courtesy of Pinery Water Staff.



Are you struggling to wrap your head around your sprinkler system? Pinery Water and Wastewater District has partnered with Resource Central to offer customers a FREE sprinkler evaluation. Resource Central technicians will run a few tests to check your sprinklers’ efficiency and diagnose any problems your system might have. At the end of your evaluation, you’ll receive a customized watering schedule designed to reduce water usage and keep your lawn healthy and beautiful all summer long!


Evaluations last about 75 minutes and could help you save thousands of gallons of water each year. It’s easy to sign up and get long-lasting results! Registration starts in May and spots fill quickly. Call Resource Central at (303) 999-3824 or sign up at Be sure to add to your safe senders list so you don’t miss your opportunity to schedule an appointment.